Supreme Court Shocked by Misdeeds of CBI

The ghost of Coalgate scam is following UPA government like Bofors. This time again the opposition are demanding resignation of  Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Law  Minister Ashwani Kumar.But the ever defiant Manmohan Singh says that it is routine work of opposition to demand his resignation, they have done this numerous times. It seems that our Prime Minister is so habitual of these corruption and scams that he hardly bothers what the nation and political class thinks of him. But our Prime Minister should be bothered by the observation of H’onble Supreme Court of India. The Supreme Court had given direction to CBI for investigation and not to show their report to anybody. But instead CBI showed their report to Law Minister Ashwini Kumar and even amended the draft report supposed to be submitted to Supreme Court of India. The Supreme Court said that "the time has come CBI be freed from clutches of political bosses".By this observation one thing is clear that CBI is working in hands of political bosses. Recently Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav had alleged that if he dares to backout the government will send CBI and get him arrested.Meanwhile Additional Solicitor General of India Haren Rawel has resigned and has alleged that he is being made a scapegoat.

The PrimeMinister had said that the world is laughing at us, but it is him to be blamed for not the opposition. Bhartiya Janta Party has always raised issue of incompetence and inefficiency of the UPA government under the disable leadership of Sh.Manmohan Singh. Whenever the issue of corruption of UPA was raised by NDA then Congress and its allies said the issue is politically motivated. But now why not the spokesperson of Congress says that the observation of H’onble Supreme Court is politically motivated. How many times Congress and UPA government will tell lie to the nation? In the name of pseudo secularism the nation is being looted. Hope Supreme Court of India may stop this loot tantra.



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