Pakistani Hakim and Haakim both are after life of Sarabjit

During Lord Ram and Ravan war Lakshman ji was badly injured by Demon King Indrajeet.At that time Vibhishan told that Vaidyraj Sushen ,Rajvaidya of Ravan can save Lakshman ji .Then Hanuman ji went to Lanka and requested Vaidyraj Sushen to treat Lakshman ji.Vaidyraj Sushen told that he is Vaidy of enemy and you are trusting me ,I can give wrong medication and it will be fatal for Lashman ji. Then Hanuman ji said that "no doubt you are vaidy of enemy nation but it is your duty to save life of a ill and dying  person. By hearing these words immediately Sushen agreed for treatment of Lakshman ji.Later on Lakshman ji got cured and Demon Indrajeet was killed by him during battle.These are the high humanity standards set by demons Doctor. One more instance reminds me of Sikh fighters offering water and medication to wounded mughal soldiers during war. One of the mughal soldier asked that we are fighting against you then why are you offering us water and medication then Guru ji said " due to humanity we can’t let even our enemy die without water".


But in case of Sarabjit Singh I feel sorry for Hakim and Haakim of Pakistan who are worse than the demons.For no reason they are after Sarabjit's life. During 1971 war 90000 armed Pakistani army soldiers bowed down in front of Indian army and their life was spared without any precondition by then Prime Minister Smt.Indira Gandhi.Pakistanis agreed that they will free Indian POWs(Prisioner Of War) but till now numerous Indian prisioners are in Pakistani jails. Pakistani Hakim(doctors) are not giving proper medical assistance to Sarabjit and their Haakim(rulers) are not sending him to India or abroad for treatment. Even the Pakistani Haakims orchestrated attack on Sarabjit.Despite all this weak Indian government is not able to help poor Sarabjit and his family. Indian authorities are requesting Pakistanis that Sarabjit may be treated at India or abroad but Pakistanis have refused. I wonder :


1. Why not Indian authorities persuade United Nations and Human Rights organization to intervene?.

2. Why is United nations and other Human Rights organization silent on issue of Sarabjit?         

3. Why do these international organisation speak on human rights of naxals and terrorists in India?

4. Where is Arundhati Roy,Medha Patkar,Swami Agnivesh and Teesta Seetalwad the so-called human rights activists?

5. Why are they silent on issue of Sarabjit?

6. Why not these human rights activists request United Nations to save Sarabjit and numerous other Indian prisoners?

These are questions that have to be answered.

We the nation of 125crores can only pray for brave Sarabjit .May God bless Sarabjit and his family. May good senses prevail over Prime Minister of India Shri.Manmohan Singh and he takes a proactive stand on issue of Sarabjit and China. May Dr.Manmohan Singh remember that he belongs to the family of great warrior Sikhs.May God bless India.

This is the little bit that we Indian can do.

Robin Sharma 

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