Chinese troops erect another tent at incursion site

Chinese troops who have intruded almost 18km into eastern Ladakh have erected one more tent taking the tally to five in Depsang valley.The Chinese have refused all the offer of Indian government and instead demanded that Indian army should destroy all its bunkers along LAC.This move is being seen as a big jolt to Indian government as Prime minister Manmohan Singh had stated that this is a localized affair caused by overzealousness of a local commander and the issue would be resolved soon.The Chinese soldiers have put banner in English saying "You are in Chinese territory”. Meanwhile SP supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav have have slammed Manmohan Singh for leading the "most weak and cowardly government of independent India. He said that China is biggest enemy of India. He said "our army chief is requesting for orders to march against Chinese but this coward government has not even responded it is disgusting".  


Lokesh Kohli

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