10 facts to know about Arun Jaitley, Union Finance and Defense Minister

Union Finance and Defence minister Arun Jaitley needs no introduction. He is a well known face in Indian politics.  

Arun Jaitely is due to present his maiden General Budget 2014 Thursday (10 July 2014) in the Lok Sabha. 

Under Narendra Modi’s leadership, the BJP achieved a landslide victory in the 2014 Lok  Sabha Elections. BJP’s main promise to the electorate was to pull out the nation from the gloom of inflation and price hike. 

 Even before the budget session of the new Lok Sabha began, inflation and rail fare hike hit the citizens hard, and landed the government in hot waters. 

Now as Arun Jaitley presents the budget, all eyes are on him. The opposition parties are gearing up to attack him on the budget and the people are anxiously waiting to hear some good news that will bring them some relief.  

Here are 10 interesting facts on India’s one of the most meritorious advocates and strategist Arun Jaitely.

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