Deep disappointment to saffron lipstick: What economists said about Budget 2014

Our politicians have had their say on Arun Jaitley's maiden budget effort. But what do the thinking types, economists and experts, among them,have to say about it? Here's a summary.

Pratap Bhanu Mehta, President of the Centre for Policy Research, has said that the BJP government's first union budget was a deep disappointment for falling short of providing a "framework for growth or for curbing inflation".

Mehta points to the shortcomings to using the Public-Private Partnership model to fix the country's infrastructure shortcomings, the ad-hoc public spending on various public schemes without specifying concrete objectives and with setting a taxation target that could bring in greater administrative uncertainity with authorities arbitrarily targeting entities.

"This budget is a cross between bad elements of UPA-2 and NDA-1; there is no new Modi 1 in sight yet. The budget has no poetry and uncertain plumbing," Mehta concludes.


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