Defence and internal security reforms vital for India’s stable growth

After 1999 Kargil war and 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack, several committees set up by the Government of India gave various recommendations on Defence and internal security reforms. However, only a few of them have been implemented yet. In the light of rising global Jihad, nuclear arms race and funding to internal anti-Government forces to wage war on India, there is desperate need to implement those recommendations. It will enhance India’s Defence preparedness to external threats and strengthen our response to internal security challenges.

The internal security has been a challenge for India since independence. Unity in diversity has largely been true in Indian context; however, the same diversity has been the reason for various internal conflicts as well. Demand for separate States, autonomy, reservation, anarchy, and use of violent means to protest against exploitation and Government decisions are the challenges to internal security which India needs to address. However, these problems are much more complex because of the fact that stakeholders in these conflicts are our own people. While violent means can further alienate them, most of them are not ready to talk either.

Recent IB report on foreign-funded NGOs, recent video released by Al-Qaeda urging people of Kashmir to wage Jihad against India, continuous ceasefire violations and infiltrations, illegal Bangladeshi immigration, China’s claim on Indian territory in Arunachal Pradesh and Ladakh, unending Maoist attacks are some of the pressing concerns which culturally and geographically diverse India poses to the new Government. The aforementioned threats suggest that the internal security challenge and external threats are amalgamating and the thin line between enemy beyond and within the border is evaporating.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is holding his first security review in Jammu & Kashmir on July 4.

Right now, there is not much need of more committees and debates. A large number of committees have debated and given their recommendations already. The new Government needs to implement them with changes apt for the circumstances today. The time is ripe as the danger is grave and rising.


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