Narendra Modi to kick-start Indian Economy – USINPAC Webinar

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing a book launch. Ahead of Union Budget 2014, everybody hopes that he can kick-start the Indian economy.

Ahead of the first Union Budget of Narendra Modi-led Government, USINPAC organised a webinar on ‘Key and tough steps that the new Modi Government could take to kick-start Indian economy’ where Dhruva Jaishankar, a commentator on Indian policy affairs, was one of the speakers. Speaking on the occasion, Dhruva Jaishankar says, “There’s need for certain degree of modesty as we approach Modi, since his actions have shown he thinks outside the box and hence, I think one has to give him benefit of doubt as regards to revival of Indian economy” This as an opening statement was truly the essence of what was to follow in the entire discussion.

The policy analyst, before getting into specifics gave a broad outline which he felt would give a better understanding of things to come. He said, “While the mandate gives him a huge burden of huge expectations, which also is an unambiguous message for economic reforms, he has serious  challenges ahead of him. In terms of what he intends to, nobody has any clear picture since Narendra Modi as a leader is known to keep his cards close to his chest. However, we can surely look at things which he has said during his election campaign and the short term and long term issues that he has to deal with.”

“During his campaigns, his broad principles were assurance of a decentralised, efficient and transparent Government, special attention towards improved agricultural productivity, creating stable macro-economic environment, ensuring better project management, faster clearances and create a work culture such that the Government achieves better work standards.


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