INDIA Bleeds Again

Once again terrorists have struck on their will.Once again the nation is mourning the death of innocents.Once again the family of innocents is devastated by the cowardly act.Once again the politicians are playing the blame game.I wonder how many times will this terror act  be repeated.For the last ten years these terrorists are striking at their will.Although the government and security agencies claim that they had the intelligence inputs about this possible terrorist attack but nothing was done to stop it.Delhi police one of the best agency in tackling terror had informed their counterparts in Andhra Pradesh in October 2012 about this attack in Dilsukhnagar but their information fell on deaf ear.Had the Hyderabad police took this information seriously and taken prompt action this incident would have been averted.The CCTV cameras installed on the road by traffic police which could have been a source of vital information about this terror attack was not working.The cable of the cameras was cut due to repair work by Metro few days ago and no senior police official bothered to get it install in time.This is ridiculous.Why India is bleeding is the big question?The answer is due to vote bank politics and lack of political will.The law POTA was implemented in NDA regime to curb terrorism.But all the so called pseudosecular parties led by Congress were against it .They even scrapped this law after coming to power.During NDA government there were series of encounters of terrorists and underworld people across the country.No policemen is happy by killing any innocent person.But if policemen kill terrorists then so called human rights activists lodge false complaint against them.Either it is Inspector Pradeep Sharma and Daya Nayak of Mumbai ATS or late ACP Rajbir and late Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma of Delhi police all of them were target of this so called human rights group.These human rights activists are funded by foreign organisations and shielded by our politicians and media.There are many police officials who were involved in anti terrorist operations where either shunted or are facing trial in this UPA regime.Even the army personnel involved in anti terror activities are facing trial.  In Jaipur Honble Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde told that saffron terror or Hindutva terror is dangerous for the country.He also told that RSS and BJP are training Hindu terrorists in their camps.Immediately after this statement Hafiz Saeed chief of Lashkar e Tayeeba demanded Drone attack on RSS and BJP offices.Hafiz Saeed also told that Indian security agencies are falsely implicating muslims in terror cases.India was let down in front of world by the irresponsible statement of Home Minister.The nation was outraged and countrywide demonstration was held against Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde.On 21 Feb 2012 suddenly the Home Minister says that he was misunderstood.If this callous attitude of government and vote bank politics of various political parties continues the nation will bleed.           

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