Indian government working on world's largest health insurance scheme, says Harsh Vardhan.

The new Indian government is planning to bring about a "complete transformation" of the health sector and is working on the blueprint of the world's largest universal health insurance programme. 

This was announced by Health Minister Harsh Vardhan as he read out a speech by Prime Minister Modi to a gathering of US-based Indian medical professionals in San Antonio, Texas, underscoring the need for all citizens to involve themselves in the national endeavour for "Healthy India". 

"It is my firm belief that our focus needs to go beyond health insurance. The way ahead lies in health assurance. We need to focus on preventive health care where public participation has a major role to play," the Prime Minister said in his address to delegates at the 32nd annual convention of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) held in San Antonio. 

Modi said the aim of his government is to bring about a "complete transformation" of the health .. 

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