After Independence India has witnessed many riots between Hindu and Muslims. Bhagalpur, Meerut , Aligarh, Kanpur, Mumbai Gujarat have witnessed worst riots in Indian history. After every riot members of both the communities came together with the help of administration and peace was restored. 
But in Assam the case seems to be different. Assam, located on the extreme north-eastern edge of India, is home to some 300 tribal and ethnic groups, with many segments of the population agitating for separatism. In this volatile mix are unwanted Muslim migrants from Bangladesh. Illegal immigration from Bangladesh presents challenges for all of eastern India, which shares a porous border with the smaller nation. Since the 1971 war of independence that created the state of Bangladesh, millions of Bangladeshi immigrants (the vast majority of them illegal) have poured into neighbouring India.
Due to poverty and no physical border on north eastern side of India citizens of Bangladesh infiltrate into India and attain the status of refugees. While the Indian government has tried to deport some of these immigrants, their sheer numbers have made such an exercise impossible. Also there is a political angle involved that could probably make the government go soft on such illegal immigrants. Because of vote bank politics these Bangladeshi infiltrators enjoy citizenship of India by making fake ID cards. 
Assam and all the North eastern states are facing major security problem due to Bangladeshi infiltrators. These Bangladeshi have changed the demography and culture of these states. The Bodos who are native of Assam are worst affected. In all the riots either it was in 2008 or 2012 in Assam our politicians have always downplayed the issue and have compromised with the sovereignty of our motherland. Because Indian muslims are also being killed by Bangladeshi infiltrators we can say these clashes are not ethnic, it is foreign invasion on Indian soil. The government and opposition political party should come together to protect sovereignty of our country, to protect life and property of citizens. The lusts for votes have compelled Indian politicians to import votes from Bangladesh. If any person or political party raise voice against Bangladeshi infiltration then the pseudo secular political parties call them communal. The people living in every corner of India should raise their voice against Bangladeshi invasion and should support monetarily and by every means to the natives of Assam. The Bodos are citizen of India we should support them against Bangladeshi invasion.
In the case of the recent violence, tens of thousands of people have fled their homes in Assam following clashes that killed at least 17 people. The fighting was between indigenous tribes people and Muslim settlers in the state's Kokrajhar district. About 50,000 villagers fled their homes in riot-affected areas to take shelter in nearby relief camps. 37 camps had been set up to help displaced people and more would be opened if needed. Police say that the clashes began when unidentified men killed four youths in Kokrajhar district, an area dominated by the Bodo tribe. They say that armed Bodos attacked Muslims in retaliation, suspecting them to be behind the killings.
According to some observers of this situation, the citizens of north east have started feeling alienated because of the attitude of the government. 
These are the original tribes of Assam who have been living in the hills for ages without damaging environment. They are peace loving and have contributed a lot to our culture and traditions with their wonderful art, music, dance and paintings. For the past many years Bangladeshi infiltrators have encroached upon these Tribes’ lives, lands & livelihood. Government for obvious vote politics reason helped the Bangladeshi infiltrators and has never bothered to address the needs of the original tribes from Assam.
The government should give a relief grant and financial assistance to the displaced and affected Bodos who are very much Indian citizens. But Congress will not do anything to help Indians.This year I will not celebrate the so called INDEPENDENCE DAY,because lakhs of Indian have become refugee in their homeland. 

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