Power supply to rural India a pressing concern

Gujarat Government, under Narendra Modi as Chief Minister, was applauded for its work to harness solar power and successfully carrying forward the development of offshore wind energy to provide electricity to every household.

India, under new Prime Minister Narendra Modi, aspires to emerge as an economic superpower. But the fact that about 400 million people in the country lack access to electricity (a number larger than the combined population of the US and Canada), poses a serious challenge before the NDA regime which was voted to power last month.

Narendra Modi’s speeches during elections reflected that he understands well the issues which are holding the country back. In almost all his public speeches, he talked about the energy crisis, especially the pathetic condition of power supply in rural India — something that is the topmost cause for economic backwardness among villages — and the migration of vast populations to more industrialised cities in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Delhi and some south Indian States.


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