10 things Narendra Modi can do for specially-abled Indians

The Nation rejoices as India has finally elected a Government that has committed itself to the ideals of a Democratic governing body – OF the people and FOR the people. It was a historic moment when a common man from very humble roots took oath as the Prime Minister of India and it was the first milestone in the journey of a thousand miles.

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi symbolises the change in the composition of our population, our nation’s priorities and changing expectations from the Government. This election has raised expectations of the public sky high and now, as the rubber meets the road, we the people have to be very prudent and mature to support the right actions of the Government.

Historically, the causes of people with disability in India have always been seen as a low-priority issue for the Government with an internalised understanding that we are a poor country and there always are more pressing priorities. This attitude was also a manifestation of the ignorance, stigma and shame associated with the specially-abled and the perception of them being a liability in general so their issues were relegated to social work activities carried out by trusts, civil societies, individuals and NGOs. In our country, our politics created more and more divisions in the name of SC/ST, OBC, castes, religions and regions, minority status, reservation etc. that caused deterioration of the social fabric of our nation, pitting people against people instead of people with people on the path of progress together.

In the campaign for Narendra Modi as PM, India272.com played a major role in bringing people from all over the country to come together as citizens of India with the Motto of ‘SabKa Saath, SabKa Vikas’, was created the Group – Empowering the Specially Abled. Disability as an issue is universal and beyond the confines of gender, religion, social status, region of the country and affects everyone. Even by a very conservative approach, when we are talking about the specially-abled population, we are talking about 7-8 crore people and they were given a voice and role to play in bringing the change.

With a visionary leader, we can now expect that challenges pertaining to the disability sector will get due attention and we will try to close the gap between the best inclusive practices around the world and the current directionlessness state in India. We believe that with the correct understanding of disability without prejudice and proper focus on empowerment and contribution to society with dignity, we can be creative and resourceful to achieve our goals optimally.

With the above as background, we would like to propose the following 10 action items to be undertaken by the Government in the next six months as the groundwork to set the ball rolling.

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