Narendra Modi must reboot Aadhaar scheme

One of the major challenges which Narendra Modi’s Government is facing is to right the wrongs done by the Manmohan Singh’s UPA regime during the last years’ of its rule. Alongwith giving a boost to the ailing economy, curbing the soaring inflation, the NDA also needs to revitalise UPA’s ambitious Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) scheme with the trademark efficiency of Narendra Modi’s governance.

UID, popularly known as Aadhaar, was conceptualised as a one stop solution as ID and address proof of the citizens of India. It was implemented to make programmes like the Public Distribution System efficient and ensure that benefits sent by the Government reach the right person.

Aadhaar, despite being an important reform and a unique idea, was executed badly by the UPA. Over Rs 3,500 crore have been spent so far in the scheme which has already enrolled about 63 crore people. But it  proved to be of no use to the people. The Congress-led UPA instead tried to use the crucial information for its personal gains during election by distributing money and enroll illegal immigrants to get India’s citizenship, who’ll ultimately vote for the Congress for its benevolence.

During his campaign as BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi slammed the Congress-led UPA Government over the Aadhaar card project, questioning the deployment of massive funds for it, virtually smelling corruption.

Mocking at the claims of UPA Government on the Aadhaar card project, Narendra Modi had said, “Congressmen were dancing as if it was a herb for all cures. With the Supreme Court pulling up the Centre, people are now seeking answers from the Prime Minister who should disclose how much money had been spent.”

Since, Aadhaar cards are issued by submitting biometric data and without any identity verification, it gives a chance to the thousands of illegal immigrants, foreign nationals and even terrorists living in the country to get India’s citizenship very easily. The fake or true ID information could be linked to an ID holder’s iris or biometric information and manufacture en masse UID without entering a Government office.

Incidents in the past support this view.

The Special Cell of the Mumbai Police had arrested no less than 8 Bangladeshi men from a posh south Mumbai hotel, last year. Surprisingly, one of the arrested men, Mohammad Kabir Aslam Islam had a driver’s license, a PAN card, and even an Aadhaar Card.According to a report published in the Navbharat Times, Islam told police that he had arranged for these documents by paying a middleman Rs 2500.


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