Narendra Modi and the media, 30 days later

Narendra points out that the ‘honeymoon period’ that is said to exist between any new Government and the media, never even started in his case.

Upon completion of 30 days in office, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has, in a post on his personal blog, said that every decision made in this last month, has been driven by national interest.

In what is clearly an allusion to skeptics both inside and outside his Government, Modi writes:

“…I am new to this place and some people believed that I would take at least a year or even two to learn the intricacies of the working of the Central Government. Fortunately, a month later that thought does not exist any longer in my mind.”

Though Modi says he has every confidence that he and his Ministerial colleagues will succeed, he also points out that the ‘honeymoon period’ that is said to exist between any new Government and the media, never in fact started in his case.

The media has indeed, as Modi points out, gone back to nitpicking and generally criticising every move, big or small, by the new Government. When it is not busy speculating about imaginary inter-Cabinet rivalries, it pontificates regarding how he should run the country.

It is nobody’s case that the media should not make the running of the nation its own business. Modi himself, in his blog post, affirms his commitment to the freedom of the Press and alludes to the dark days of the Emergency. Even though the MSM’s antipathy towards ‘Modi the outsider’ is an open secret, Modi says there is a need to strengthen systems so as better communication of ideas may happen.

Fortunately for the nation, the once mighty mainstream media does not wield as much power over minds as it once did. A recent Hindustan Times poll indicated that 62 per cent of those polled said that they were satisfied with the Modi Government’s first month. Another 30 per cent thought he could go faster.

So it is safe to say that even as Modi Sarkar works towards its goals, the nation has learnt to sift through rumour and speculation and keep its eye on what matters.


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