Narendra Modi perks global interest in Hindi

nternational Media round-up by Team Niti Central for the week ending June 14, 2014 takes a look at global reactions to Narendra Modi’s decision to conduct his International Diplomacy in Hindi. Also interesting comments coming in from across the globe on NaMo’s planned visit to the USA and his engagement with the Chinese.

Before we get down to the humdrum of global polity, this insightful piece authored by Samanth Subramanian from the The New York Review of Books draws our attention to the emergence of the vernacular press along with Narendra Modi’s journey to the PM post. In the piece the author draws attention to how the Times of India came out with a Bengal daily in 2012 and launched NavGujaratSamay, while the Hindustan Times poured more money into its Hindi holding, Hindustan and The Hindu launched a Tamil daily last October.

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