Narendra Modi should not take time delivering change

The first big challenge for the Modi Sarkar is the food price-line in particular and the economy in general.

It is natural for some of the mass affection for the winner to be spent the moment he scores big at the ballot box. Not unlike an ardent lover who upon getting his dream beloved finds some ardour cooling. Something of that sort might already be happening with the Narendra Modi Government. Though it is early days yet, the people  impatient for change, who contemptuously threw out the Congress, are keenly awaiting the first tangible signs of that change. Whatever changes that have taken place thus far concern the new personnel replacing the old and rejected ones, or a mere tinkering in the mundane details of official functioning. More is awaited.

Of course, you will have to discount the brazenly unrepentant Congress lot which skipped even the customary post-mortem of its spectacular humiliation. It has taken to the streets against the new Government without even caring to know the basics. Such as that neither power nor water supply can be augmented overnight and that it would take a while to clear the mess left behind by them for the new regime to begin the urgent task of nation building.

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