Narendra Modi and the political power of social media

The first thing Narendra Modi’s cabinet is likely to do after being announced ministers is to go online and get themselves Twitter and Facebook accounts. Modi’s style of functioning and his dogged obsession with the online world will mean he’d expect his cabinet to stay connected. And so as Modi goes from NaMo to PMO, he will have added pressure of using his wonder-tool ‘social media’ in new ways in his new role. 

Having admitted that his digital brigade was at the core of his victory and election analytics, Modi faces the complex task of going from here to social media 2.0, and that promises to be a critical link to his perception building in the days ahead. His critics, both international and national, on social media, will avidly watch all his moves. So how is the new PMO going to use the digital platform? What should they watch out for?

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