Gandhi Dynasty’s jibe at Modi’s caste reflects feudal arrogance: Jaitley

In a sharp rebuttal to the new barb from Congress’s think tank which branded him as ‘fake OBC’, senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley wrote in his campaign dairy that the fact that Narendra Modi belongs to the OBC community is a major cause of worry to the Congress Party. Though Narendra Modi has never made caste as his identity and his appeal cuts across castes and communities, the Congress worry is apparent. The ruling dynasty of the Congress cannot digest defeat at the hands of a commoner. It is therefore that they made his humble origin as a tea vendor into an issue. The move backfired.
Congress’s ‘fake OBC’ barb on Modi falls flat, Gujarat Government cites 1994 notification
He further states that “yesterday Shaktisinh Gohil, the leader of the Gujarat Congress alleged that Narendra Modi had committed a “paap” of includinghis own community into the OBC list and thus changed his stature from upper caste to OBC. Does the Congress Party believe that every time a caste is added to the OBC list it is a “paap”? In any case the ‘Modh Ghanchi’ was added as an OBC in Gujarat on 25th July 1994 by the Congress Party Government headed by Chhabildas Mehta and in the Mandal Commission list by the Government of India on 4th April 2000. Both these events took place much before Narendra Modi became the Chief Minister of Gujarat”.
Varanasi’s fury against biased EC turns into joy as Modi drives through city, gets massive support
On the biases of the Election Commission towards Narendra Modi which led to deprivation of his rights as a candidate in the Lok Sabha constituency of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, Arun Jaitley wrote, “do Constitutional Institutions have an immunity from criticism. I do not subscribe to the view that merely because an institution is created by the constitution, it cannot be criticised. Criticism is a way of life. To err is human. Criticism can be intended to put the institution to notice that either the current incumbent or future successors correct the error into which the institution has fallen”. ”Courts, Election Commission, Prime Ministers, Council of Ministers, Parliament and bodies like the CAG are all creations of the Constitution. They are manned by men either selected or elected. History is a witness to the monumental errors that some of them have committed” his blog said.

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