Criminals patronised by Lalu spilled blood in Bihar: Modi in Siwan

Criticising Congress-RJD alliance in Bihar, BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Friday accused former Bihar Chief Minister Lalu Prasad of supporting criminals in the State.
“Lalu Prasad Government patronised criminals during his tenure, should those days be repeated? It is time for Siwan to choose a better Government for a better future. This land has seen enough of blood spills,” Modi said.
Modi warned the Congress-RJd alliance against giving protection to criminal elements to vitiate polling for the Siwan Lok Sabha seat on May 12.
Apparently aware that the incarcerated RJD strongman Mohammad Shahabuddin was from Siwan district, Modi urged the Election Commission to deploy para military forces at all booths for free and fair polling.
Earlier in the day, in a taunt directed at Rahul Gandhi for promising to set up a watch factory in Bihar’s Gopalganj, Modi said sugarcane grew abundantly in the district and sugar was used in making tea.
“Sugar is used to prepare tea which even Obama drinks, but Congress leaders remember Modi when it comes to tea,” he told an election meeting in Gopalganj.
“They even hesitate to drink tea in public,” he claimed recalling his childhood tea vendor days.

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