Modi’s promise to Varanasi

So far more than two-fourths of Indians have  already cast their vote. Lok Sabha election 2014 has reached the final stages. Varanasi will witness polling at the fag end of this election. It goes without saying that not only India, but the entire world is taking tremendous amounts of interest in Varanasi.
Honestly, I am feeling blessed and honoured to fight elections from here. I came here at the invitation of the holy Ganga. Much like a child goes to his mother’s lap when she calls him. Remember when you cast your vote, you have a huge duty to fulfill for the sake of whole nation.  Your vote would go a long way in starting the process of development and good governance.
I have many dreams for Varanasi. I would like to see Varanasi regain its glory in the field of education, history, spiritualism and culture.
Ganga: The lifeline of Varanasi
That Ganga is the lifeline of Varanasi would be understatement. I strongly feel that Banaras will only make long strides when we make Ganga clean. Since ages Ganga is part of our cultural heritage. Like a mother, Ganga has given love to generations. the same Ganga needs our attention.
Sadly, Government after Government has ignored the Ganga. Governments in Delhi as well as Lucknow have shown utter apathy for Ganga. While many projects were made, nothing concrete happened for this venerable river. Yes, money earmarked in order to clean the Ganga was looted.
I look forward to see a clean Ganga. A river that gives new life and energy to not only Kashi but to Uttar Pradesh as well. When I took over the reins of Gujarat, Sabarmati also was in very bad shape. But, I ensured that I will get it clean come what may. With untiring efforts, we managed to make it clean. That experience gives me confidence that we can clean Ganga too.
Ghats of Varanasi
Since times immemorial, the ghats of Banaras have seen many festivals and other occasions. Sadly enough, even they are in a shambles. I feel that we have to develop these ghats in our lifetime. Come and develop these ghats as windows to our progress.
Weavers of Banaras deserve their due
The weavers of Varansi are the life and soul of this historic city. I will see to it to create infrastructure  for weavers. That would bring joy and happiness in their lives. We will provide them latest technology so that they can work in changing times.
Varanasi: Symbol of knowledge
Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya had a dream to create a great temple of learning here. Now onus is on us to make this city as a capital of modern education. I have a dream to make this city among the major cities of the world imparting education
Venerable Varanasi
We have to put Varanasi among the major cities of the world  so that people know about this place. I will see to it that more and more tourists  visit here. That is only possible if we create a strong infrastructure here. I  promise that we will create such an infrastructure that would make you proud.
Clean Varanasi
I really feel bad that city as holy as Varanasi is so unclean.  I promise to you that I will make Varanasi as pollution free city.

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