Strongly attacking the Aam Aadmi Party

New Delhi, March 30th. Strongly attacking the Aam Aadmi Party, Chairman of BJP Delhi Pradesh Loksabha Election Campaign Committee Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra has said that due to the betrayal by AAP, it has totally collapsed in Delhi. Prof. Malhotra said that before soliciting votes from the people of Delhi, Mr. Kejriwal and his candidates should answer:- •Kejriwal had promised that, he will neither take the support of Congress party nor support the Congress party for the purpose of forming government. But Kejriwal violated his promise and took the support of the Congress Party which is completely involved in corruption. •According to a founder member of AAP Mr. Ashwani Upadhaya, Kejriwal has connections with the American Intelligence Agency CIA, the AAP leaders have already received funds from the Ford Foundation. •The people who support the cause of separation of Kashmir from India are Members of AAP. Mr. Prashant Bhushan has again and again talked about plebiscite in Kashmir and withdrawal of the Indian army from there. If this is not treason then what it is? •According to news broadcast by Headlines Today, a prominent member of AAP Somnath Bharti has been involved in selling domain names of porn websites at international level. Even after this fact being exposed, he continued to be the Law Minister of Delhi. •Before getting in contact with extremist Maulana Taukir Raza, had Kejriwal forgotten that this Tuakeer Raza had issued Fatwa against Tasleema Nasreem that she should burn her books and flee from India and he had also provoked people to behead George Bush. •Great patriot Shri Mohan Chand Sharma has sacrificed his life fighting the terrorists in Batla House. But Kejriwal termed the encounter at Batla House as false encounter and demanded an enquiry into the incident. Will not it embolden the moral of the terrorist? •The budget approved by Mr. Kejriwal before resigning from the post of Chief Minister, did not provide for subsidy after 31st March due to which there will be heavy increase in power and water tariff. •Home Ministry has demanded for details of foreign donations from AAP. But this party has not replied as yet. Contesting elections with the help of foreign money is grave danger to the national security. •Mr. Kejriwal who has betrayed the people of Delhi has taken many U-turns. In spite of announcing that he will not take bungalow or government vehicles etc. he and his colleagues availed all the facilities. •In his election Manifesto, Mr. Kejriwal has said that within 15 days of coming to power, he will send Smt. Sheila Dikshit in jail for corruption in Commonwealth Games. But after coming to power, when the media persons asked him in this regard, then he said that if Dr. Harsh Vardhan provides proof against her, then he will take action. •The Law Minister of AAP was found guilty in judicial enquiry in a case of misbehavior with foreign women during night hours and the Judge has recommended action against him. •Kejriwal also played fraud with the people of Delhi on Janlokpal Bill. He was aware of the fact that Delhi Legislative Assembly cannot pass any Bill without the permission of Centre; Mr. Kejriwal played drama of introducing the Bill directly in Legislative Assembly. •Mr. Kejriwal also lied that he was Income Tax Commissioner and could earn crores of rupees. He was never Income Tax Commissioner and by talking of earning crores of rupees, he has exposed himself. •Kejriwal had also played drama of organizing Janta Darbar for becoming hero of the common man. As the people assembled before Kejriwal with their problems, Kejriwal fled from the assembly of common man and went up the roof of secretariat and from that day Janta Darbar was closed. Can a Government be run from the roof of secretariat? •Every day hundreds of workers are leaving AAP which includes their founder member also. This is the biggest proof of the fact that this party has been exposed.

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