New Delhi, March 19th. Dr. Harsh Vardhan has said that successful Booth Management is a key to winning elections. The party which successfully manages the booth wins the elections. Hence on the day of polling, the objective of every worker and the candidates should be taking the voters to the polling booth and help in casting their votes. These elections are historical; Delhi BJP has to create a new history of victory. On the one hand, there is BJP and on the other are all those powers which want to split the society. Dr. Harsh Vardhan described in detail the plan of winning election to the workers present in the workshop. The main points of this plan are: - constant public contact, holding meetings Mandal wise, Meetings of Morchas and Cells, taking part in celebration and sorrows of every section of society including youth and women, continuous contact with new voters, the belief that we shall certainly win, working honestly with team spirit, honesty in speaking and self confidence. Changing the negative booths into positive booths, preparing a list and work on priority. If a person is not honest then he is exposed soon. Good behavior and easy availability are also necessary. We should overcome the shortcomings due to which we are suffering. We cannot conceal our activities from the public. We should not desert even ordinary booths and workers should be distributed various works. It may be remembered that this is the first election of the country in which the social and political atmosphere is completely in favor of BJP. Even the God is helping us. We should take a vow to win all the 11763 booths of Delhi. He was addressing booth management training workshop at the Constitution Club today. Booth level workers and their in-charge, BLA, Palak, Convenor, District President, District General Secretary, Loksabha Candidate, Training in Chief, Organizational General Secretary, National Executive Member Jai Prakash Aggarwal etc. were present in it. Legislator Anil Jha who recorded extraordinary victory in Assemble elections, Gugan Singh, Ghyan Chand Ahuja Legislator Ramgarh (Alwar), Om Birla Legislator Kota South (Rajisthan) etc. also participated in the workshop. Organizational General Secretary Vijay Sharma said that winning the 2014 elections is our mission. Every worker should contribute 100 percent for it. There should not be any shortcoming. Namo Chaupal is being organized at every booth in every Loksabha Constituency from 8am to 12 Noon on the 23rd March. We have to ensure maximum number of participation in it. Delhi BJP will initiate door to door campaign from 31st March. National Executive Member Jai Prakash Aggarwal shared his experience with the workers. Our workers are our strength. We have to include new workers, respect the old workers and make them active. We have also to create confidence among them. We should not leave any poling booth unattended and keep active contact with women, youth, new voters, booth palak and booth convener at every booth. We should go to the people with commitment to solve the problems of Delhi. Training in Chief Alok Kumar said that there is wave in favor of BJP in entire country. Muslims in large numbers are in mood of voting in favor of BJP candidates. The BJP workers should cultivate habit of sitting for long time. Work distribution helps in achieving success. The worker who is loses his morale, leaves the battle. We should take these elections to be in the interest of the nation and for the protection of our mother land and start working for it.

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