Press Statement of Dr. Udit Raj

New Delhi, March 10th. Dr. Udit Raj, Special Invitee to the National Executive, BJP, said that the man who cheated dalits is known as Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. On 2nd August, 2008, he participated in a discussion which was organized by Youth for Equality Forum at Tapti Hostel, JNU. The Youth for Equality Forum originated to oppose reservation in 2006. Shri Arvind Kejriwal is power hungry, liar, unethical, non-performer and anarchist (PLUNA). BJP leader Dr. Udit Raj further said that Arvind Kejriwal is free to hold on to his opinion on any subject but should not cheat by hiding that opinion due to which he exploited most the votes of dalits in the recently concluded Delhi Assembly Elections. The reservation is lifeline of SC/ST and he exploited this sentiment to the hilt. The Youth for Equality Forum was floated in 2006 mainly by AIIMS Doctors and one among them is Dr. K. K. Mishra to oppose reservation given to OBCs in higher education. Mr. Kejriwal supported maximum to the activities of Youth for Equality Forum and lectured in JNU on 2nd August 2008 on this issue and a meeting notice in this regard is available for anyone’s perusal. JNU students opposed him tooth and nail on reservation issue in the meeting. If he is honest and ethical person then he should inform dalits that he does not like reservation. Mental corruption is more dangerous than economic corruption and it can ruin the nation. Dr. Udit Raj informed that Aam Admi Party attracted the Safai Karmacharies most as they were promised to do away with contractual work and their jobs would be regularized. The broom (Jharu) is main instrument of their livelihood and they were struck emotionally by AAP symbol. He also promised that dalits will be given loans without interest for entrepreneurship. So far Aam Admi Party has not come out clearly on the issue of reservation. It was also promised to fill up the backlog posts. None of these promises made by him have been fulfilled and that portion of their manifesto is being reproduced for ready reference. “Valmikis: Ending contractualisation in safai karamchari posts, providing educational and livelihood opportunities to help them find employment in fields other than those of safai karamcharis. Scheduled Castes: Ensuring SC component plans is spent on welfare schemes for SCs and reservations implemented; providing low or zero-interest loans for setting up their livelihood.” To fulfill these demands, it wasn’t needed to pass any bill in the assembly. These above demands could have been met by administrative orders and their government lasted 49 days and even 49 minutes were sufficient to meet these demands. So he can be safely termed power hungry, liar, unethical, non-performer and anarchist (PLUNA).

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