• Delhi BJP cadres to expose all AAP MLAs at constituency level

New Delhi, February 16. In a high level meeting today, the Delhi BJP passed a resolution condeming AAP government's move to dole out Rs. 323 crore to Reliance from funds meant for municipal corporations of Delhi. The meeting was held at Delhi BJP Office at Pant Marg and attended by state office bearers and legislators. Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel said, "This move exposes true colours of AAP. On one hand it was accusing private discoms in public of overcharging and on other hand it gave away. Rs. 323 crore to it and that too from funds which was not meant for the discoms but for the municipal corporations of Delhi." "This money was to be spent by all the three municipal corporations for welfare of people. But former CM Arvind Kejriwal was more bothered about filling coffers of Reliance." "The BJP condemns this anti-people move which speaks volumes about the corruption and immoral decision making of AAP," the resolution said. Shri Goel said, "The meeting also decided that BJP cadres will seek replies from all 28 MLAs of AAP in their respective constituencies over their betrayal of people of Delhi. The seven week rule of AAP in Delhi is the most unforgettable period. Development came to a standstill and anarchy prevailed." The meeting also discussed the problems which would affect people of Delhi in the absence of an elected government. "An elected government is must to fufill aspirations of common people. In absence of elected government, people will face severe problems. The governance cannot be left to the bureaucracy alone for long. So we would like the elections to be held at earliest." said Shri Goel. Shri Goel said, "The BJP cadres are geared up to expose AAP-Congress alliance which has left people in lurch. None of them had the mandate, yet they formed the government which fell under the burden of its own contradictions. People of Delhi will teach a lesson to these two parties for disrespecting the wishes of Delh'ites."

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