Salient Points of Speech By BJP National President, Shri Rajnath Singh and Shri Narendra Modi,

Salient Points of Speech By 
 BJP National President, Shri Rajnath Singh and
Shri Narendra Modi, Gujarat CM, Chairman BJP Election Campaign Committee

National Office bearers, State Presidents and other important leaders held day long deliberations on the preparedness for the ensuing 5 Assembly and Lok Sabha Elections in Delhi today.

Inaugurating the meeting, Party President Shri Rajnath Singh gave a call to make success “Mission 272 +” for Loksabha elections and win 4 assembly elections. The mood of the nation reflects this mission as an achievable target.
Shri Rajnath Singh lambasted the Prime Minister for failing in managing the economy which is resulting in more pains and hardships for the common man.

The inflation which is ruining the family budgets is likely to rise further. The continuous depreciation of rupee is a symptom of comeprehensive failure of this Government in managing all the contours of national economy. The speech delivered by the PM on 15th August was uninspiring and has further eroded the confidence of domestic as well as international investors. The decision to introduce capital control is a regressive method and will further hurt the economy.

Shri Rajmath Singh demanded that the Government should not enter into any dialogue with Pakistan till it gives a solemn promise that its land won’t be allowed to be used for terror activities against India and also promises to stop skirmishes on the border. According to Rajnath Singh, this stand is imperative on the backdrop of 18 ceasefire violations along the border in the last 10 days, ambushing Indian patrolling jawans, instigating separatist to ferment trouble in Kishtwad and giving cover to the rising number of infiltrators.

Rajnath Singh said that Congress is interested only in political security for themselves and not in economic, internal and external security of the country.

Campaign committee Chief and Gujarat CM Mr. Narendra Modi guided the deliberations about the effective campaigning and urgency to reach out to each voter. He exuded confidence of a comprehensive win for the BJP as the people in the country are up and against the Congress misrule. He observed that people are eager to throw Congress out of power at the first available opportunity.

Mr. Modi said that the prescription to achieve a comprehensive win is planning in details and implementing it in full. He also said that worker and organization is the mainstay of the BJP. All out effort should be made to take all sections of society with the party and strengthen the organization in the next 200 days. He appealed that all the committees appointed to reach out to various sections of society should function with more speed.

The BJP meeting is discussing the programs to be taken up immediately to achieve the target. Mass rallies, constituency level congregations, campaign to go to each and every doorstep are being finalized. Shri Lal Krishna Advani will guide the deliberations at the concluding session.

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