Delhi BJP sells cheap “Onions” at Town Hall, lambasts government for failure to ensure onions at affordable prices

 Delhi BJP sells cheap “Onions” at Town Hall, lambasts government for failure to ensure onions at affordable prices

.Delhi BJP demands sacking of Food and Civil Supplies minister for failure to control prices of onion and other essential commodities   

•Mismanagement of wholesale mkts by Delhi govt , No checks on hoarding!

New Delhi, August 18.- To highlight the apathy of the Congress government towards tackling the onion crisis in the Capital and to press for  making  “ Onions” available at affordable prices for common households in Delhi, the Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party today sold onions at Town Hall at Rs 25/Kg. The Delhi government is selling onions between Rs 50-55 at its outlets while the price of onions in retail markets has shot upto more than Rs 80/kg.

The  Delhi BJP demands  that the food and civil supplies minister should be immediately sacked  for his complete failure to perform the duty. It also condemns the inaction on the part of Chief Minister and deplores the way she has been expressing helplessness to take any action.

Addressing the large number of BJP leaders and cadres on the occasion, Delhi BJP President Sh. Vijay Goel said when onions become luxury for common household, that itself is a telling statement on the state of governance. Worst, this government is so insensitive that it has tried to garner publicity and brush this issue under the carpet by selling onions which are rotten and not fit for consumption.

It is evident the Delhi government’s claims regarding onion crisis are like mirage. There is no impact visible on the ground.  Most of the so-called 1000 outlets which this govt claimed will distribute onions are not even visible. Those who are visible are dysfunctional.

“It is appalling the way Delhi government first mismanaged the onion crisis and is now expressing its helplessness to control prices. This is typical of this government who has been expressing helplessness on every front be it price rise, hike in power tariffs, collapse of water supply, lack of development in unauthorised colonies and JJ clusters, growing crime against women, lack of admission opportunities for Delhi students in the Delhi University!”

There has been only a slight dip in the production of onions. This government knew in advance that the hoarders could try to capitalise on this issue but it did not act. Even now there has been no crackdown on the hoarders. The wholesale vegetable markets of Delhi are governed by Delhi government through Agricultural Produce and Marketing Committees.

“It is the duty of the government to regulate prices and ensure smooth supply of essential commodities. But today the prices of all essential commodities have skyrocketed due to corruption and gross inefficiency of the Congress government.



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