CM offered pack of lies in I-day speech

New Delhi, August 16:  The Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party President Shri Vijay Goel today reminded Chief Minister Smt. Sheila Dikshit that she does not have to have to go back 10-15 years to remind people about the hour long power cuts in the city as the same are being witnessed in the national capital even today, after 15 year of her rule and 200% hike in power tariffs.


Reacting to the ‘bogus allegations’ made by Smt. Dikshti in her Independence Day speech yesterday that Delhi government has been successfully meeting 6000 MW power demand in the city, Shri Goel said that Chief Minister seems to be living in an ivory tower cut-off from ground realities.


“We all know what the power supply scene in Delhi is during the months of May – June. Nothing can be more preposterous than the claims of this government that they have been able to meet 6000 MW peak power demand. These are utter lies. The only claim that Smt. Dikshit can make is that she, in collusion with the power distribution companies has managed to extract huge power bills every month from the people of Delhi,” said Shri Goel adding that even Chief Minister’s claim that Delhi has the highest per capita power consumption in the country - 1,450 units, is doubtful because the faulty meters installed by the distribution companies show exaggerated consumption.


Reacting to Smt. Dikshit’s charges that BJP’s promise to bring down power tariffs by 30% is politically motivated, Shri Goel said that a formula in this regard has been made public by the party and instead of learning from it and bringing relief to the common man, Smt. Dikshit sees politics in everything. 


“We have already gone public with our agenda that will reduce power tariffs in the city by more than 30 percent. Some of these include ending the monopoly of the distribution companies; curtailing unnecessary purchase of power, providing separate neutral to each consumer, control power theft etc. Where is the politics? If all these are measures are sincerely followed, the tariffs will automatically come down,” said Shri Goel.


He further lambasted the Chief Minister for claiming that city has made unprecedented progress in last 15 years. As per Shri Goel, he is surprised on Delhi government’s claim to development of the city because it has neither land, nor responsibility of law and order while civic responsibilities of 93 percent of city’s total area is dealt by BJP ruled municipalities.


“It is not the Delhi, but some corrupt Delhi government officials in league with some Congressmen who made progress by looting public money through various scams in last so many years. Chief Minister should acknowledge this harsh reality instead of making tall and bogus claims,” said Shri Goel.


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