Vijay Goel Views on Villages

                                           Vijay Goel Views on Villages


Delhi has 369 villages which are, though, called as Urban Villages but continue to suffer from developmental inequalities. The basic infrastructure is in such a sorrow state that some villages lack even the basic facilities of dispensary, first aid or maternity home. The Hospitals are 15-20 km away from the Village areas.

Villages lack power supply up to 5-6 hours, a condition that gets worse during the summers when power cuts extend to 12 hours. There are no sufficient schools for higher education and whatever small numbers of schools are there, happen to face huge shortage of teachers. The quality of teaching is being deteriorated increasingly; resulting into the school showing poor performance in board exams.

Transport is another area which needs urgent attention. The bus services in villages are not regular and if it comes to describing roads, the lesser the better. Villages continue to face huge water shortage. Many villages lack even the piped water supply; they get water through tankers on weekly/biweekly basis. The sewer facilities are totally absent in the villages. The groundwater level is decreasing every year by 20-30 feet, as a result of which both lands and farmers' lives are being destroyed.

Several villages has seen no Chakbandi(redistribution of land) since 1908, causing huge scarcity of land for the residential/commercial purposes. Further government loots the farmers through unfair legislations and poor compensation. We must ensure that the lands are acquired from farmers or land owners by paying the fair compensation on the basis of circle rates. The sections 81, 33 and 65A of Delhi Land Reforms Act have become a tool for exploiting the farmers. As per section 33, a farmer can't sell his land if its size is less than 8 acres. Either he has to sell his entire land or can't sell anything. More than 4000 cases are pending, under the section 81, in the Mehrauli block alone.

Vision for Delhi

My vision for Delhi stems from these inspiring words of Swami Vivekanada. I sincerely believe that Delhi has enough number of brave, bold men and women who can make it not only one of the best cities.

Changes required in Delhi

Delhi Villages Delhi has 369 villages which, though called as Urban Villages but, continue to suffer from developmental inequalities. The basic infrastructure is in such a sorrow state that some villages

Power is the basis of human lives and is used in almost everything we have. Hence it's vital in the interest of social development and welfare that power reaches to common citizens

Healthcare The Delhi government being the major health service provider is responsible for the healthcare services in Delhi but due to lack of planning and vision of Delhi government

Water, though being one of the most precious resources on the earth, is availabile in limited amount. Hence it's necessary that due management of the water resources is taken for the existence of life.

Education empowers our children, making them strong enough to look after themselves in any given situation. A large role in delivering the education is played by our educational institutions

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