Smt. Meenakshi Lekhi on misgovernance & bad economic policy by Congress

Smt. Meenakshi Lekhi on misgovernance & bad economic policy by Congress

As India is bracing up for its next general elections, anxiety about bad governance and economy being in ICU has gripped the nation. Congress is responsible for the present day economic crisis.


Today the Indian Rupee is the worst performing Asian currency. It expanded at the weakest pace in a decade till March 2013. Further it has weakened 5.3% since May 31. It has dipped to a new low of 60 against dollar and is likely to slide till 70. While the GDP growth slowed to a record low of 5%, current deficit in Asia’s third largest economy has widened to a record high of 4.8% of the GDP in the year ended March 31, 2013.

Today’s economic status of India reminds me of Mr  Mani Shankar Ayer’s address of 3 Nov. 2006, the then Panchayati Raj minister, who publicly begged for alms from Norwegian  crown prince Haakon. Mr Mani Shankar Ayer, with folded hands pleaded – “Bhavati Bhikshandehi”. The poor economy is hurting the pride of self reliant Indians.

The congress party has once again demonstrated its intention to divide India on religious lines. Minority Affairs Minister K. Rahman Khan’s proposal for setting up of a special task force to oversee the terror cases against the members of the Muslim community is a recent addition to the party’s ongoing strategy to polarize India.

A false perception is sought to be created that Muslims are being targeted in false cases by this rogue regime, and then far worse false cases are pending against innocent Hindus. Even charge sheets have not been filed in some cases and thus continue to be under illegal detention by congress governments.

In north east several Christians too have been subject to illegal detention by this party. The BJP objects any attempt to discriminate Sikhs, Hindus and Christians in terror cases and let them languish in jails thereby selectively targeting of non-Muslim communities.

In their greed for power some congress-men are misquoting facts pertaining to encounters. NHRC data firstly, shows that there are more fake encounters in Congress ruled states and secondly more Hindus have been killed in fake encounters. The myth making and perpetuating industry is compromising the societal and national interests. NHRC data suggests out of 1,262 complaints of fake encounters received since 1993 mostly Hindus were killed and in 203 cases Muslims were alleged to have been killed.

There are reports suggesting the alleged involvement of Mr. K. Rahman Khan and successive directors in Amananth Co-operative Bank Scam. The Karnataka State Minorities Commission filed a petition before the Lokayukta too. There are reports of alleged 2 lakh Cores worth of scam involving encroachment and sale of Wakf properties.

In fact this party ensured that Muslims never prosper, therefore so many years after 1947 the plight of Indian Muslims hasn’t changed. Never has the congress party spoken for the Shias- Sufis- Ahmadiyyas- or Mohajirs of Pakistan, who are subject to worst form of state sponsored persecution. Plight of several Muslim caste groups within India is no better in congress regime. Congress along with a coalition of corrupt parties has sought to create a false sense of insecurity amongst minorities and thereby hampered mainstreaming of all citizens.

Specially, the Muslim community has been taken for a royal ride by various leaders, various office bearers of Wakf boards and in collusion with corrupt parties.

After inflicting such deadly wounds as price-rise, inflation, rupee devaluation, corruption, lawlessness, communal hatred for nearly 10 years, congress party must be defaced and exposed to the nation. India will never forgive this party.

The false propaganda machinery of the Congress party has outlived its utility and the time has come when Indian Citizens fix accountability on the issue of scams and ill governance.

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