Shri Prakash Javadekar on Coal Scam

Shri Prakash Javadekar on Coal Scam


Supreme Court’s rap of the Government in Coal Scam is vindication of BJP’s charge that the Congress-led UPA Government is indulging into a massive cover up of the probe and as such putting up all hurdles in the Apex Court monitored probe.The latest CBI affidavit before the SC is a testimony of Government’s intentions and pressures built upon the agency to file such a “shameless” affidavit. The twin requests of the CBI to share the probe status report with the executive and allowing transfer of some officers dealing with the Coal Scam probe is a willful and mischievous attempt of the Government to destroy the probe.  All earlier and present attempts and interventions of the Government are solely to save the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, as government fears that ultimately the probe will reach the doors of the Prime Minister.

The Supreme Court’s observations regarding the non-transparent process of coal block allocations also vindicates BJP’s complaint to the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC), filed by Shri Prakash Javadekar and Shri Hansraji Ahir.  The Apex Court has rightly questioned the CBI as to why it requires approaching the Government for sanctions for probe and prosecution when the power of superintendence lies with the CVC, as it had ordered the investigation.The Congress Government stands thoroughly exposed for its non-cooperation in the probe.  CBI is still struggling to get hold of the crucial documents and files required from the Coal Ministry to take the investigation forward.  Some files are reported “missing”, crucial files are said to have been “lost”, other important files are “untraceable”, and files of the Maharashtra Government have been “destroyed” in the infamous fire in the Mantralaya building.  The actual way forward for the CBI was to seize the related computers and dig out the data there from.  The BJP expects that the Supreme Court will order for such data mining.

The other pressures built upon the agencies are coming to light at regular intervals.
First, the attempts made by the then Law Minister Shri Ashwani Kumar and the officials of PMO and Coal Minister to manipulate the CBI’s probe status report before its submission to SC.Second is the refusal of the government to grant permission to the CBI to question former Coal Secretary H C Gupta. Ultimately the Government had to relent in the face of public pressure.

Third, CBI was even forced to clarify that no present PMO officials are being questioned.
Fourth CBI was restricted from immediate interrogation of the former Minister of State for Coal Dasari Narayan Rao and Congress MP Navin Jindal.Fifth CBI was not allowed to go after the money trail in a swift manner which would have by now exposed the bribe takers.
Sixth, the CBI was forced to say that it works under the government control and does not wish for autonomy.
That is why the Supreme Court’s observation that the CBI is a “caged parrot” holds true.

Due to political and public outrage, the IMG has reportedly reviewed so far 56 coal block allocations and de-allocated 40 blocks and issued notices to others, this itself speaks volume about the massive corruption and irregularities involved in the coal allocation.
It is established now that there is no material available about the decision making process and minutes were not maintained.  

There was no system in place to verify the facts. Also there was lack of transparency. A point based system of 2006 was immediately abandoned. The comparative appraisal was not done.  Application and feedback forms were deliberately inadequately designed.  There was no system of obtaining supporting documents.  Many allocations were done without the recommendations of the States.

The scam is now in the open.  Government’s brazen attempts and massive cover up point out to the involvement of the big leaders of the ruling establishment.  The pertinent and most important point is that each and every allocation was sanctioned personally by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as the then Coal Minister.Therefore, the BJP demands that in view of what has been exposed till today he must own the responsibility and resign forthwith and the coal block allocations should be cancelled.


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