Who will vouch-safe for the independence and impartiality of the CBI

Who will vouch-safe for the independence and impartiality of the CBI

It is really shocking to note that the Congress party is trying to politicalise the whole issue, after the CBI has filed chargesheet in Ishrat Jehan’s encounter case, and even ready to compromise on nation’s security.

The first and far most issue to be remembered by one and all is what is the credibility of CBI? Is it really impartial? Is it not amenable to political pressure? What is the role of the CBI in the cases involving Sri Mulayam Singh Yadav and Madam Mayawati and how it has frequently changed its stand?

Coming to the latest and serious case like Coal-gate scam, which is being monitored by the Supreme Court, the CBI Director, in an affidavit filed before the Supreme Court,  has himself admitted that the union Law Minister had called the CBI officials, gone through the report prepared by the CBI to be submitted to the Court, suggested changes. The officials of PMO and joint secretaries of coal ministry, whose role is in question, were also present in that meeting had also gone though the report and suggested changes. It shows how amenable the CBI is to the political pressure.

If this could happen in a case monitored by the Supreme Court itself, one can imagine how impartial the investigating agency will be in a high profile case like Gujarat encounter?

When the election atmosphere is hotting-up, the charge sheet is filed with an option to file another charge sheet. That means when the elections are close, one can imagine what is going to happen!

One should not forget that the Congress is notoriously known for misusing the CBI to harass its political opponents, to keep the supporting parties under control and also to win over the neutrals as and when necessary.

I am amused by our opponent’s argument that any encounter takes place in any state will be with the explicit knowledge of that particular state’s higher-ups. In the same analogy if the IB gives some inputs and files an affidavit, it should have also been happened with the explicit knowledge of the political leadership of the ruling party at the centre.

It is pertinent to note that the centre has changed its affidavit filed before the court in 2007 on the same issue. Let us wait for the judicial process to complete and let us not jump to conclusions based on the charge sheet filed by the CBI.

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