Press statement of BJP National Spokesperson Dr. Sudhanshu Trivedi

Press statement of BJP National Spokesperson Dr. Sudhanshu Trivedi


The Government will submit its proposals to make the CBI more autonomous to the Supreme Court on July 3. In this regard what has appeared in the newspapers according to sources suggests once again  that the govt does not want it to be independent.
First of all I would like to say that the way Congress led UPA has misused most of the constitutional bodies, specially the CBI is unprecedented and condemnable. The UPA government has always misused CBI  for political witch hunting be it his political opponent or allied partner. No one has been spared. CBI investigation in 2G scam and CBI’s singing a different tune in pending cases against political parties like SP and BSP who come for Congress aid to interrupt the PAC report have proven the government's  intentions.

Be it a social, religious, political issue or economic corruption, CBI’s attitude towards congress leaders has been lenient to say the least. Closure report of CBI in 1984 riots and in pending case against former colleagues of the congress chairperson are compelling evidences.
CBI’s changing attitude towards many sensitive issues such as, national security and terrorism prove its political misuse.
CBI’s affidavit on coal block allocations in apex court, perfectly mirrors the UPA's standard operating procedure when confronted with evidence of its own impropriety or misdemeanour.

On many occasions the BJP tried to give voice to this opinion against the government. The Issue of autonomy of CBI had been discussed during the meeting of the select committee of the Upper House and it was decided  CBI directors appointment will be done by a collegium of Prime Minister, leader of opposition in Lok Sabha and Chief Justice of India.
If the govt is accepting these above mentioned demands it is because all moral, political, legal and constitutional doors have closed. So as no other option can be found the government is bound to do something.

How operational these arrangement will be, examples of ignoring the feelings of leader of opposition in the appointment of CVC, CAG and chairman of human rights commission raises questions.
On 23 November 2012 our leaders in both the houses wrote a letter to the PM and asked that the appointment of CBI director is wrong before the constitution of the collegium. But the govt has ignored this message and on top of it appointed a former CBI director as a governor. This proves that even before this new arrangement's is implemented the government wants to maintain a political influence over the CBI.

Even in the proposal the government is keeping its right to employ and discharge the CBI officials. It doesn't seem that in the investigation of high ranking officials and ministers the CBI is going to have any kind of independence. Also the government is not going to give the discreteness and freedom in investigation and a prosecution should have. We want a rule that clearly specifies that after the retirement of a CBI director he should not be accommodated in any constitutional or political position.
In the end we believe that this initiative by the government to give autonomy to the CBI is not only late but its not even proper. The government should actually ensure a real and effective autonomy to the CBI so that it can be as per the peoples feeling, the indications of the court and parliamentary committee recommendations.

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