Press statement issued by National spokesperson and MP, Mr. Prakash Javadekar on Friday, 28th June, 2013 in Pune.

Press statement issued by National spokesperson and MP,Mr. Prakash Javadekar on Friday, 28th June, 2013 in Pune.

Depreciating Rupee and Doubling of Natural Gas Prices

The twin factors of depreciating rupee and government’s decision to double the natural gas prices will hit the common man the most. The common man already reeling under ever rising prices was expecting some relief from the government.  Instead of offering such a relief the government has once again targeted him with a big dose of price rise.
The downward journey of the rupee has hurt the common man. All imports have become costlier. Therefore, the prices diesel, petrol, fertilizers, edible oil and power will go up. This will also result in general price line going up. Devaluation of Rupee is not a natural calamity but the result of policy paralysis on the part of the Manmohan Singh government. It is a man-made disaster. Import of the capital goods will be impacted adversely which will in turn impact the competitiveness of the Indian industry. The balance-sheets of many companies will turn upside-down.
Doubling the price of the natural gas will trigger further rise in the prices of fertilizers, power, and cooking gas and will also impact the general price line going northward. The government must spell out the price of the cooking gas cylinder and fertilizers along with power from April 2014.It is estimated that the cooking gas cylinder will cost more than Rs. 1800 in the open market and the subsidized cylinder will be also costly at Rs. 1000 per cylinder. Mr. Chidambaram claims that the power prices will go up by few paise only. But this doesn’t hold true, if we calibrate the impact of imported coal prices in the depreciating rupee environment.
Evacuation/Relief operation in Uttarakhand
As the evacuation operation in Uttarakhand has entered the last phase, the nation salutes tremendous efforts and sacrifice put in by Indian Army, Air Force and the ITBP.
BJP wants to raise two important issues at this juncture.
Firstly, why the state government failed to warn and stop the pilgrims from advancing for Char Dham yatra despite specific meteorological forecasts available on 10th June? The specific warnings of heavy rain should have prompted the state government to take preventive action. If the state government had done this rigour many lives and trauma would have been saved.
Secondly, why the central government refused BRO the funds required for maintenance of the roads for the last four years despite its warning about the pathetic road condition and probable wash-out of roads in flood situations? The BRO was asking and warning the central government that if Project Shivalik for maintenance of the roads in the Garhwal region is not given priority the disaster is inevitable.
While the BRO asked for Rs. 700 Cr in 2010-11, it got only Rs. 50 Cr. In 2011-12, BRO asked for Rs. 400 Cr and received a meager amount of Rs. 100 Cr. In 2012-13, government granted only Rs. 25 Cr, though the demand was of Rs. 200 Cr. This callous approach of the central government is deplorable.
Therefore, the central and the state government are directly responsible for the tragedy and owe an explanation.

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