New Delhi, June 23, 2013: BJP National Vice-President Shri Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi today said  in the run up to the elections, the shopkeepers of secularism have already started pitching in to garner Muslim votes.

Addressing a mammoth Muslim convention organised by the party at the Talkatora stadium here, he said, “Thanks to these merchants of secularism, half of the Muslim population in the country today live below the poverty line and are forced to live with an earning of less than Rs 500 per month. They have been pushed to the lowest standards in terms of education, security and prosperity by these pedlars of vote bank politics.

Naqvi said the Muslims have been thrown far away from the developmental mainstream during the last nine and a half years of UPA rule and the previous 45 years of Congress regime. Their votes have been extorted by creating a fear psychosis and spectre about BJP or communalism.

Reciting a famous Urdu couplet, he said, “this earth belongs to us, this country belongs to us, we have also given our blood to nurture this garden.”

But the truth is that the Congress has systematically removed from history the names of Muslims who have  sacrificed their lives for the nation and kissed the hangman’s noose happily. How many people in this country are aware of the sacrifices made by thousands of Muslims for the country’s freedom including Begum Hazrat Mahal, Maulana Sindhi, Hakim Ajmal, Hasrat Maohani, Syed Mahmud, Tyabji, Umar Sumani, Asghari Begum, Bai Amma, Ashfaqullah etc. Congress only eulogises the Nehru Gandhi family while the names of thousands of others have been deliberately erased from the annals of history.

Instead of identifying the Muslim community with such national heroes, attempts all along have been to label them as terrorists. They have embossed the stamps of ‘Made in Al Qaeda’ on the Muslim beard and cap and still claim to be the guardians of secularism. Today, whenever there is any terror incident anywhere in the country, the Congress-led Central Government within 24 hours issues sketches of Muslims with caps and beards. This is akin to what they used to do with our Sikh brethren during the 80s,”he said.

Shri Naqvi said BJP is the only political party which wants to win the confidence of each and every community. It wants the community to come out of the jaws of the merchants of Muslim vote and decide its choices purely on merits. BJP is a reality in Indian politics and it would have to be seen and understood from anyone else’s prism but one’s own perspective. We can assure you that BJP is a guarantee for the safety and development of minorities in the country”, he said.

He announced that the party would soon come out with a vision document on minority empowerment which would elaborate the party’s stand on the education, security and prosperity of the minorities as also their participation in governance. It would also outline the BJP’s stance on Waqf, Haj etc.

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