Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu on PM comment on Shri Narendra Modi

Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu on PM comment on Shri Narendra Modi


Mr. M. Venkaiah Naidu, a senior leader of the BJP, reacting to the Prime Minister’s comment that ‘people know what Modi stands for’ said at a Press Conference in Hyderabad that Narendra Modi, a very popular leader, stands for 3Ds – Decisive, Dynamic and Development oriented. These 3Ds are making him the most popular among the people in the country.  Mr. Naidu said that all these 3Ds are missing in the Prime Minister and his government.  He said that growth has slowed down - there is Fiscal Deficit, Revenue Deficit, Trade Deficit, Current Account Deficit, governance deficit and, above all, the Trust Deficit.


People are disappointed not only because of the lackluster performance of the PM and his government but also the policy paralysis which is affecting every segment of the governance.  Mr. Naidu said that rupee is depreciating fast and sharp under the great economist Prime Minister.  It was 40 – 42 rupees under NDA and this government has brought it to 58 – 59 rupees vis-à-vis dollor.


Mr. Naidu, referring to government’s spending on ad-blitz, said no amount of sponsored programmes (prayojit karyakram) could save the congress from people’s wrath.  He said the much touted Aadhar has proved to be Niradhar; Direct Cash Transfer will not transfer votes into their vote bank and Food Security cannot guarantee them political security.  He also said even the recent cabinet expansion cannot expand the base of the Congress party among the people.  He ridiculed the so-called young team picked up by the young leader consisting of people above 70s and 80s!  What they could not do in 8 – 9 years how they are going to do in 8 – 9 months.


People want a decisive, dynamic and development oriented leader and party.  That is why they are looking towards the BJP and talking about Narendra Modi.  The BJP would like to go to the people on the agenda of development.  We will showcase the NDA government’s achievements and also the good work done by our governments; be it Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, goa, Punjab and even Bihar, till yesterday, and compare it with states ruled by Congress party.


Mr. Naidu said that for the first time external debt has surpassed foreign exchange reserves.  Rupee has fallen by more than 20%.  Per Capita Debt is more than the Per Capita Income.  Indian businessmen are looking to go abroad for investing.  Foreign investors are waiting for elections to decide about investing in India.  Our image in international community has taken a serious beating.  Our relations with the neighbouring countries are at the lowest ebb.  The country is suffering lack of leadership.


Shri Naidu said that BJP can only lead the alternative.  Some people who cannot digest the re-emergence of BJP are talking about the third alternative.  Some are even talking about Federal Front.  These are tried and failed experiments.  Earlier the National Front became a Notional Front and collapsed.  The United Front, under Deve Gowda and Gujaral, became a Divided Front and collapsed.  The Third Front which formed earlier failed because a majority of the parties left and joined hands with the Congress party.  Even the Left parties supported the UPA for five years.  How can these parties claim to be an alternative?  They lack credibility.


Mr. Naidu also said that DMK and AIADMK cannot go together in Tamil Nadu; TMC and CPM cannot go together in West Bengal; RJD and JD(U) cannot go together in Bihar; SP and BSP do not see eye to eye in Uttar Pradesh.  TDP and TRS and YSRCP in Andhra Pradesh cannot come together.  They are bitter against each other.  How is it then a Third Front or a Federal Front can be formed?


Mr. Naidu said that people want liberation from Congress’ misrule (Congress Mukht Bharat) and there will be realignment of political forces before and after elections.  The Congress is the most communal party in the country which always adopts communal approach and divisive politics.  How can the party which brought the Muslim League at the Central govt.  for the first time and working with AIMIM in Hyderabad Corporation claim that it is a secular party.  It is really ironical that our friend, Shri Nitish Kumar, is happy and thanking the Prime Minister for giving him a certificate that he is secularist.  What is the locus-standi and credibility of the Congress party to give such certificates?

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