Shri.Vijay Goel can turn the table round

Shri.Vijay Goel can turn the table round


For the last fourteen years congress under the leadership of Smt.Shiela Dikshit is ruling Delhi. On the issue of onion price rise the efficient government of BJP was voted out of power.Since then the differences within the party leadership and cadres of Delhi unit was cited as main reason in BJP Chintan Baithak. Even the report submitted by Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh after the loss of three assembly elections in Delhi, also cited the differences and personal ambitions of various leaders as reason of defeat. The present Congress government has deceived the voters of Delhi on every front. The standard of education in public schools and state government school has gone down while the fees have increased. The privatization of electricity was biggest blunder by Smt.Shiela Dikshit. The Chief Minister took illegitimate decision and citizen of Delhi are paying the price. The government says they have no control over the power companies. Then the big question is if you can’t control in favor of public then why are you ruling? The water is major problem in Delhi. The population of Delhi is almost one and half crores and in almost every house the water is supplied by tanker. Then why not the same amount of water supplied by tanker is supplied to each house hold through pipelines? The Delhi government is working hand in gloves with tanker mafia and poor people are suffering. The law and order situation has declined in Delhi. But the Chief Minister is least bothered about it. She says Delhi Police is under Centre jurisdiction. She forgets that in Centre there is Congress government. So if former Home Minister of Gujarat Shri.Amit Shah is held responsible by CBI in fake encounter case on the behest of Congress then for every crime committed in Delhi it is Smt.Shiela Dikshit and Congress party should be held responsible.

These are the problems which have plagued the national capital. The citizen of Delhi is ashamed of this present government. Since the declaration of Shri.Vijay Goel as President of Delhi state BJP the ray of hope has emerged for Delhities.The Jan Akrosh rally organized by the state unit to highlight the misrule of Congress party and to address the problem of Delhi has drawn huge crowds in every part of the city.The workers of BJP are rejuvenated by the able leadership of Shri.Vijay Goel.The ordinary citizen of Delhi also says now the change is inevitable. Because aam aadmi  feels that on national arena Shri.Narendra Modi can change the fate of India then in Delhi he looks forward to Shri.Vijay Goel as his savior. The inner youth of Shri.Vijay Goel is ready to accept any challenge irrespective of his age. He is full of energy and recognises each hard working party workers. These are the TRP of Shri.Vijay Goel and also the Vijay Mahamantra for BJP.

There are election survey result which suggest that if Mr.Vijay Goel is projected as Chief Minister of Delhi in forthcoming assembly elections then only BJP government will be formed.The nation is eagerly waiting for the result of Delhi assembly elections as it will have impact on national politics.The BJP central leadership should project Shri.Vijay Goel as Chief Ministerial candidate of Delhi as he understands the problem of Delhi and has practical solution to it. 


Robin Sharma




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