The Unstoppable Shri.Narendra Modi

Amitabh Bachhan is icon for all Indians. Almost every Indian is mesmerized with his dialogues. One of his famous dialogue from super hit film is "Don ko rokna mushkil hi nahin balki namumkin hai".In present day politics this dialogue is best suited to Shri.Narendra Modi although he is not "Don" of Indian Politics but surely is "Dawn" of Indian politics. Indian political system is plagued by inefficient leaders since independence.

Shri.Narendra Modi has emerged as a ray of hope for Shoshit,Dalit and Pidit.The youth of India has come to the conclusion that it is only Shri.Narendra Modi who can address their problem.The forty percent of Indian population comprises of youth. Either it is the youth of rural or urban India they understand very clearly the mindset of Sh.Modi.Shri.Narendra Modi is most popular mass leader in India. The economy of India is at all time low. The present government instead of solving the problem of corruption, unemployment, terrorism, inflation is involved in increasing the problem.

The Manmohan Singh led UPA government is involved in biggest scam of India. The fire of corruption has reached PMO.The ministers of UPA are involved in 2G,Coal,Rail,Commonwealth and scores of other scams. The congress leader and cabinet minister Salman Khurshid name has emerged in Handicap Ghotala.These person have gobbled the money meant for poor handicap person. But still they are not ashamed of their misdeeds.On the national security issue the armed forces moral have gone down.

The army jawans body are mutilated by Pakistanis. The Chinese army has encroached thousands of hectare of land. Terrorists are killing innocents at their will. But the UPA government is least bothered about nations self respect. Daily from dawn to dusk the Congress party and UPA are planning to defame the unstoppable Sh.Modi.Now the latest politician to join the congress band wagon of Modi bashing is Nitish Kumar ,CM,Bihar.Nitish Kumar was Rail Minister when the 59 innocent citizen of India were burnt alive at Godhra by fanatics muslim.It is Nitish Kumar who is responsible for Gujarat riots.

But instead of apologizing to the nation he and JD(U) is blaming Sh.Narendra Modi who had controlled riots within 72 hours.The nation is looking forward to Narendra Modi.Even the congress voter and supporter will vote for BJP if Shri.Narendra Modi is declared as Prime Minister Candidate. I have spoken to numerous congress voters who will cast their vote to BJP in forthcoming elections.

They say that during UPA regime the price rise has gone up manifolds. They say it is the aam aadmi who is affected. The price rise is for voter of BJP and so for the voter of congress. It is only Narendra Modi who can lead India to prosperity.So, after all the Modi bashing by Congress and its allies,JD(u),pseudosecular intelligentsia and media       

Shri.Narendra Modi has emerged as most popular and respectable trust worthy mass leader in India.He is the unstoppable Dawn of Indian politics.Jai Modi-Jai Bharat  Robin

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