Press Release issued by BJP National Spokesperson, Smt Nirmala Sitharaman

We fear the Intelligence Bureau (IB) too is being misused by the UPA government. It is not for the first time that the IB is being misused by the Congress - earlier it was used to spy on opponents and to tap phones of prominent leaders.

The IB’s primary and main role is to ensure the security frame work of India is kept intact. IB shares critical intelligence related information with the states. This enables states to take up timely and preventive action as and where required. Inherent to this well-defined role of the IB is the element of secrecy. The role of the central government is crucial in the performance of the IB.

An outcome of such a work arrangementbetween the IB and a state police was seen on 15 June 2004, when 4 terrorists including Isharat Jahan and Pranesh Pillai alias Javed Sheikh were killed. The Gujarat police acted on IB information about their movements.
Within a month of this incident, the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) claimed Ishrat as a Lashkar operative. However, after 3 full years in July 2007, they declared that their claim was a “journalistic mistake” and withdrew the same. But in 2010, media reported that David Headley, the brain behind the Mumbai attack implicated Ishrat The BJP has cautioned repeatedly that under the Congress led UPA, the misuse of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is rampant.

as a ‘fideyeen’ of the LeT. Strangely, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) under the UPA government denied these media reports.
The IB is being made to withdraw affidavits from the courts as and when the home minister is being changed.
There is now an environment of trust deficit among the Intelligence and security agencies of the country. In this case, a CBI inspector shall go into all the factors leading to IB’s sharing of information with the state police.

This raises serious issues of how national security related issues are being viewed. For serving short term political agenda, issues of national security are being exposed. This can lead to indiscriminate criticism in some sections.
Critiquing and appraising the mechanisms which govern Indian national security apparatus is a necessary and continuous process. It should be undertaken with respect to the due processes which are in place.

Attributing political motives or tweaking the prosecutions stated positions which are based on evidence and facts of a case can compromise our national security itself.

Due to IB’s flip- flops in its position in cases which have serious national security implications at the bidding of its political masters the entire security apparatus and indeed national security itself at risk.

The BJP cautions the Congress that misusing the IB for political gains may affect our national security itself.
Intelligence Bureau (IB) suffering the same fate as the CBI?

(O.P. Kohli)
Headquarter Incharge

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