Petition to Hon'ble National Human Rights Commission against violations of Rights of residents of the State of Assam

Inaction on the part of State Government of Assam and Central Government be highly condemend in the matter of brutal killing of tribes, the local residents of Rabha Hasong Autonomous Council (RHAC) area in Goalpara Disrtict, Assam. Sh JP Nadda, National General Secretary of Bhartiya Janata Party raised a voice that where the innocent people should go to plea for there ligitimate rights if care takers themselves become violator. The rights of tribes and local residents of Rabha Hasong Autonomous Council (RHAC) area in Goalpara Disrtict, Assam have been grossly violated by the State Government and police administration.

A delegation of BJP led by Sh. JP Nadda, National General Secretary, BJP today met Hon'ble Chairman of National Human Rights Commssion and filed a Petition on the Issue. Sh. Sudhir Aggarwal , National Convenor , Human Human Rights cell, BJP, Sh. Sunil Deodhar, National Convener, North East Sampark Cell, Sh.Rakesh Khanna andSh.Shailendra Thakur, Members Human Rights Cell, Adv. Sandeep Garg were also part of delegation.

While talking to the press Sh. JP Nadda, also condemend the action of the State Government and of Adminstration in controlling the situation arose on the day of 12thFeb,2013. He demanded an immediate action be taken against the culprits.

Though the Autonomous Council has been constituted in 1995 for Rabha Hasong Autonomous Council Area (RHCA),elections had not been held till date and for the past 18 years, the council was run by an ad-hoc body appointed by the State government.The third phase election of panchayat in the above said areas were opposed by the Rabha Hasong Joint Movement Committee (RHJMC), an umbrella organization of 34 Rabha groups. The RHJMC has been demanding Rabha Hasong Autonomous Council Area (RHCA) elections before panchayat polls in the area. The facts were well within the knowledge of Administration, the Government carelessly handeled the demands of local resident and put the entire state and region on fire.

At least 20 persons were killed in Rabha Hasong Autonomous Council (RHAC) area in Goalpara Disrtict, Assam, as violence engulfed the entire region. Out of which 13 (thirteen) persons including men and women were virtually killed by the police firing and 7 were burnt alive in their homes.More than 1000 houses were gutted fire but no action has been taken by the State Govt. More than 20000 people have taken shelters in 20 odd shelters.

In Their petition the Delegation demands that the Hon'ble Commission - to take cognizance of the present situation and recommend appropriate action against the Government, Local Administration and other guilty officials under the Protection of Human Rights Act,1993, and to recommend adequate compensation to the victims

The Delegation also presented the case of Vote bank politics by ruling Congress Party worsening the situation.While it is evident from the many reports of Govt. agencies as well as many institutions that there is a huge illegal infiltration from Bangladesh in the entire State, and they have become vote bank of ruling Congress party in the State. The local resident or tribals have become minority in their home land due to bad politics of State Govt.

The Delegation further demanded that the State Government be directed to immediately apologize to the residents of the State for allowing Bengladeshi Muslims to have a free hand and all these Bengladeshi be immediately deported from all over the state.

The delegation also requested the Hon'ble Commission to send a national team to the affected area to take a stock of the state. The delegation further demanded to recommend adequate compensation to the families of victims and immediate release of already announced paltry compensations which again have till date never been distributed.


(O.P. Kohli)
Headquarter Incharge



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